A baby’s arrival into the world is a significant moment in any parent's life that deserves to be celebrated and remembered forever. One way to commemorate your baby's birth and early years is by creating a keepsake box filled with mementos from their first few years of life. A baby keepsake box can be a source of joy and nostalgia for parents and children alike, as they look back on those precious moments.

Here's a list of 20 suggestions on what to put in your baby's keepsake box.

  1. Pregnancy journal: If you own a pregnancy journal, it's definitely an item worth keeping. A pregnancy journal is a great way to document your journey to motherhood and record your thoughts, hopes and dreams for your baby. This will serve as a cherished memento of this special time in your life and can be shared with your child in the future.
  2. Ultrasound pictures: Ultrasound pictures are a treasured keepsake that offer a glimpse of your baby before they were born. They are a tangible reminder of the excitement and anticipation you felt during your pregnancy.
  3. First outfit: Your baby's first outfit is a precious keepsake that symbolises the beginning of their life journey. Keep the outfit in the box as a reminder of how tiny they were and how much they've grown.
  4. Hospital bracelet: Your baby's hospital bracelet is a sentimental keepsake that signifies the day your baby was born and also serves as their first identification. Keep it in the box as a reminder of that special moment and the journey that began on that day. You can also throw in your own hospital bracelet into the box!
  5. New baby cards: Keeping your baby's new baby cards in the box is a wonderful way to remember the love and excitement that surrounded your baby's arrival. These cards often contain heartfelt messages and well-wishes from loved ones, making them a treasured memento of this special time. As your child grows up, you can share these cards with them and show them how much they were loved from the very beginning.
  6. Baby milestone book: Include a baby memory book filled with milestones, photographs, and memories of their first few years. We have a range of beautiful baby milestone books in our online store which can be personalised with your baby's details. They're our all-time best sellers and definitely something worth checking out!
  7. Hand and footprints: Take a plaster cast of your baby's hand and footprints to capture their tiny fingers and toes or use skin friendly paint or ink to create handprints and footprints on a piece of paper. Our baby milestone books feature a unique page for preserving the precious imprints of your baby's hands and feet so if you own one of them, make sure to include it in it.
  8. First soother and soother clip: Keep your baby's first soother and soother clip as a reminder of how they soothed themselves. If you don't have one, you'll definitely find something suitable on our website. You can view our collection of soother clips here. If your baby didn't use a soother, you can substitute this item with another significant self-soothing item, such as a baby comforter or a teether.
  9. Lock of hair: Keeping a lock of your baby's hair in the box is a beautiful way to remember their infancy and the changes they went through during those early months. As your baby grows, their hair will change in texture and color, making this a unique and special reminder of their early days.
  10. First tooth: Keep your baby's first tooth as a reminder of their teething journey.
  11. Favourite toy: Your baby's first toy is a significant milestone. Keep it in the box to remember their favourite playtime companion.
  12. First shoes: Your baby's first pair of shoes is a momentous occasion, and it's a keepsake that will always bring back fond memories. If your baby took their first step in them, it will make the memories even more special!
  13. Special blanket: If your baby had a special blanket or swaddle that they loved, keep it in the box.
  14. Favourite books: Include some of your baby's favourite books in the box to remember the stories they loved.
  15. Handwritten letters: Write letters to your baby and include them in the box. They can read them when they are older and appreciate the memories.
  16. First artwork: Keep some of your baby's early artwork to remember their first attempts at creativity.
  17. Time capsule: Create a time capsule with items that are representative of the year your baby was born, such as a newspaper or magazine.
  18. First Christmas decoration: Keeping your baby's first Christmas decoration in the box is a lovely way to mark their first holiday season and create a special tradition. The decoration can serve as a reminder of the joy and excitement of your baby's first Christmas and the new memories that you created as a family. At The Little Big Moments we offer seasonal items including first Christmas decorations so keep your eyes peeled when this wonderful time fo the year approaches, to make sure you don't miss it!
  19. Christening or Naming Ceremony items: Items from your baby's christening or naming ceremony serve as a reminder of this special event and the commitment you made to raise your child in a certain way. These items can include a christening gown, a baptismal candle, a naming certificate, or any other mementos from the ceremony. As your child grows up, you can share these items with them and explain the importance of the event and the significance of the items. It can be a wonderful way to connect your child to their family and cultural traditions and to remind them of the values and beliefs you hold dear.
  20. 1st Birthday cards: Keeping your baby's 1st birthday cards is a great way to remember this special occasion. In the years to come, you and your child can look back on these cards and enjoy reading the messages from loved ones, remembering the joy and celebration of their first birthday.


Concluding, a baby's keepsake box is a wonderful way to cherish your baby's milestones and memories. As your child grows older, they'll appreciate looking back on these mementos from their first few years. With our suggestions, you can create a box that will hold a lifetime of memories!

If you're looking for the perfect keepsake box for your baby, make sure to check out our selection of boxes available in different styles and colours. Each can be personalised with your baby's name and date of birth to make it even more personal!