Welcoming a new baby into the world is a reason to celebrate, and getting a thoughtful gift for the baby and the new parents is a great way to share your joy with them.

With so many gift options out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to pick the perfect present that parents will be delighted to unwrap. From practical gifts that will last through the years to sentimental keepsakes that parents will treasure forever, there is something for everyone.

So what type of baby gift is the best?

There’s no doubt, practical gifts have a lot of pros, and a well picked present can make parents’ lives a lot easier, but there’s also something truly magical about a gift that will make parents shed a tear of joy when they look at it 5, 20 or 30 years from now.

At The Little Big Moments we believe that every little moment is a big milestone, and it’s those little moments that make our lives so special, so why not get the new parents a gift of memories, something that will allow them to celebrate and cherish those never to be forgotten moments, for years to come. After all, isn’t that what life is about? 

Combine it with a few thoughtful and practical items which will bring joy to the baby, and will be of use to the parents, and there it is - the perfect present to celebrate a new arrival! You can’t go wrong with a gift that’s both, practical and sentimental!

At The Little Big Moments we created and sourced the best quality products that combine functionality, style and sentiment. Our baby gift sets come in a wide range of styles, colours & sizes and include items such as baby blankets - great for cold nights, daytime naps and buggy strolls, baby milestone cards - to record baby’s growth, comforters and rattles - something for the baby to enjoy and play with, functional and beautiful soother clips to ensure no dummies get lost, baby apparel, and our best seller - baby milestone books - the most thoughtful and beautiful way to record the parents' journey to parenthood, the baby’s growth, their milestones, the days that are worth going back to, and the moments that are never meant to be forgotten…

All of our baby gift sets have an option of personalisation - to give them that extra special touch. 

Each gift set is beautifully packed in a high quality magnetic gift box, tied with a ribbon and decorated with The Little Big Moments branded sleeve - ready to be handed to the recipient, as is. 

Still not sure what to get? Why not give the gift of memories with The Little Big Moments digital gift card available to purchase on our website, and let the new parents make the call!

Regardless of what you get, remember - it’s the thought that counts.